Here at The Real Brunch we love to hear your thoughts. If theres something You love then please let us know. Equally if there is something you think we could work on (be nice ) then shoot us an email.



We are constantly looking to grow. Pretty soon this website will become a fully fledged Lifestyle Blog and we are looking for contributors. Whatever your passion send us an email and we will share your post. Fashion, Celebrities, craft Ideas... Anything you like! 

Just put 'BLOG' in the subject heading of your email.


As you will already know we have a fun Podcast segment called 'Finding Prince Charming'. Here is a great opportunity to get involved. Send us an email with your own Dating stories and dilemmas and the gang will try and help you out with their best (maybe not great) advice, on the show!!!

Just put 'PRINCE' in the subject heading of your email.

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